Bayou DeLoutre

Launching Bayou Branding Co.

Hello all! My name is Wade and I have nearly 0 experience in business. I have no clue how to start a business, including this one. I’m not even sure if this is a good idea to post for everyone to see.

What I do know is technology and creativity. With my backgrounds, I have enjoyed being able to hone my skills as a creator. This new venture for me will be a way to share some of that creativity with the public.

I know a company should have a specific niche, and I’ll try to stick to that, but I also have other ideas that have nothing to do with everything. I like funny things. I like “wow” things. And you’ll see that in my designs.

My first two designs will be our launch designs, from which those products’ income will help us bring in more inventory and be more flexible with more products.

Anyway, I needed a first post and here it is! I don’t think this will be easy by any means but I’m very excited about this journey and what it may bring!

Thank you for taking the time to read this, I appreciate you!

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